Minecraft is Back


Screenshot from the game

One of Braxton Pierce's creations in his Minecraft world.

Tyler Carey and Wyatt Stoddard

Photo by Tyler Carey
Michael Brugger playing Minecraft.

Build, break, explore, repeat.  This is a simple version of the complex game that Minecraft is. With over 91 million players, it’s one of the biggest games at Madison especially since they are having their 10 year anniversary this year. 

“I remember first getting it when I was about eight or ten years old,” said senior Michael Brugger. “I got the little pocket edition just on my dad’s old Ipod four or something, it was forever ago, but I went for probably about four or five years of not playing it. Then the internet just exploded recently with all this Minecraft stuff and it’s starting to come back.” 

Brugger is only one of the many who have rediscovered the Minecraft world.

“I think it was on my eighth birthday I got a copy of it,” said junior Braxton Pierce. “When I first started playing Minecraft it was not near the point it is now, it was more just blocks. They’ve added a lot of things, there’s just way more stuff to do. Before it was just more building and mining, now you can do whatever you want.”  

When starting, you need to learn how to do things, this can often take a lot of time, you need to learn how to survive and create things. Just like all games you need to put in time to learn the basics.

“I will say that normally I probably play on average an hour a day, so like thirty hours a month,” Pierce said.

It varies on the time students are playing.

“Probably only like ten minutes, twenty maybe, not a whole lot,” Brugger said.

There are tons of things that have been added to Minecraft since it first started. New places, new animals, etc.

“I’d say like every six months they usually have a big update. Most recently they had a big village update where they improved villages. Before they had an aquatic update which was amazing because it used to just be water, and now there’s stuff in the water,” Pierce said.

Brugger agrees that the updates are a great addition to the original game.

“I liked it a lot when I first started playing it because it was a new type of game, you could either try and survive or just place a bunch of blocks everywhere and just create whatever you wanted. But I like what they’ve added now with all the different spells and all that sort of stuff you can do, it’s a lot more fun,” Brugger said.