TikTok Famous


Courtesy of Grace Gibbs

Ariana Vega, Reporter

Photo by Ariana Vega
Grace Gibbs making a TikTok.

MHS Junior Grace Gibbs has over 12k followers on TikTok, starting her social media platform off with a big following. 

Her account was made with her sister, Megan Gibbs, in October of 2018.

“Me and my sister got really bored at our dads house and so we would just sit upstairs and make tons of TikToks. We had no clue that we were going to gain a following,” said Gibbs. 

People support them and enjoy watching their lives on TikTok. Their followers made Gibbs want to start all types of social media and she thinks TikTok was a great way to start it off.

“I want to gain a social media platform; I have a YouTube channel and that’s what’s gotten me into social media and stuff. I think it’s really fun to create videos and make people smile and laugh,” Gibbs explained. 

Grace and Megan now have over 1.5 million views on their TikTok and 15.9 thousand likes on other videos combined. Gibbs wants to continue making her TikToks and being consistent with them to accomplish her goal of having a social media platform.