High School Hangout Spots


Photo by Anthony Kelley

Fat Cats is a popular hangout spot.

Anthony Kelley and Hilton Bates

It seems all too common for someone to be looking for something to do, then someone says ‘There’s nothing to do in Rexburg!’ However, if you look hard enough, there are plenty of activities and places to hang out. 

“In Rexburg there’s not too many fun things to do but eat, but once you’ve tried all the restaurants it’s kinda just, you know, hang out at the house,” Junior Franklin Gibbs said.

Junior Andrew Higgins likes to jam out at the music store outside of school.

“Chesbro, on 2nd East,” Higgins said.

Photo by Anthony Kelley
Chesbro On 2nd East is Andrew’s favorite hangout spot.

Other students, like Ella McComber spend their free time enjoying films and bowling at the local cinema, FatCats. 

“We go bowling or mini-golfing a lot,”McComber said.