The Choir’s Big Adventure

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The Choir’s Big Adventure

Girls on the San Francisco Choir trip.

Girls on the San Francisco Choir trip.

Girls on the San Francisco Choir trip.

Girls on the San Francisco Choir trip.

Quelyn Sellers, Reporter

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Many people enjoy singing the lyrics to their favorite songs, but for choir students this is an everyday escapade. The MHS choir went on a six day adventure to San Francisco.

Choir is full of adventures where individuals can explore and sing at many different places across the globe.

“[My favorite parts about choir is] socializing and the final product. Working on it sometimes is not the best, but being able to be in sync at the end is really fulfilling,” Senior Amy Nelson said.

Choir helps individuals to meet new people and get acquainted with them.

“I met my best friend [Natalie Park] in choir,” Senior Katrina Toll said.

The choir students recently got to go on a trip to San Francisco, California. It started on March 13th and went through March 18.

“[Some songs we sang were;] ‘America the Beautiful’, ‘Nightingale’, ‘Secret Chevreuse,’ and other patriotic songs. ‘Nightingale’ was really pretty,” Nelson said.

Many songs are sung over and over, especially on choir trips which is not always a bad thing.

“[My favorite song was] ‘Come thou Fount’. We sang it sophomore year when we went to San Diego. I loved singing it again,” Toll said.

They even got to have a clinic with another choir on the trip.

 “The choir teacher and students loved singing so much. He wanted them to enjoy singing,” Toll said. “He sat down in the middle [of the room] with his guitar and the students would sing around him.”

Mr. Hinck is looking, once again, for more people that are willing and want to be in his choir.

“[Being in] orchestra helped to have a general idea of what I was doing and helped with singing in general,” Nelson said.

Choir auditions can be stressful.

“[My advice is] confidence. Even if you mess up, keep trying. Mr. Hinck will appreciate that,” Toll said.

Seniors Katrina Toll and Natalie Park.