You Left Me on Read?

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You Left Me on Read?

Diego Baeza, reporter

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Friends can be great, sometimes. Other times you just wish they would stop talking to you, maybe because you have nothing in common or they just breathe too loudly. Either way, you have to tell them somehow that you just don’t want to hang out anymore. Some people have used the method of ghosting.

“Ghosting is when you’re talking to someone and then you suddenly stop texting them or you don’t wanna hang out,” Sophomore Brianna Bott said.

Ghosting may also be used to get someone to just leave you alone altogether.

Many students have had experiences with ghosting. Whether it was you ghosting, or someone else ghosting you, you probably have experienced it too.

Junior Kason Kidd said he had ghosted someone before. He was asked whether they took it well or not. “I don’t know, I never talked to them after that,” He definitely knows how to do it.

Some people may find it as an offensive or insincere way to stop being a friend with someone. “You should always talk to them,” Senior Kennadey Yates said.

It sucks to be ghosted, but honestly, your friends in high school probably won’t stick around anyways.