The Start of the End of Ski Club

Clubs at MHS will soon start disappearing


Bridger Stoddard

*Editors Note, the original story had misleading information that was brought to our attention. We are sorry for the inconvenience and strive to provide accurate information on our stories. Corrections have been made and we sincerely apologize and will strive to never let it happen again. Thanks, Madison Burrell and Hali Rasmussen.


MHS has made the decision to get rid of a few clubs that are not tied to a curriculum at the school.

“The junior high doesn’t have clubs and the school board has considered going that route here (at MHS). The main reason we are doing this is because we’re trying to keep kids in class. There are liability issues too that insurance won’t cover. Any clubs that are not attached to a class will be converted into a group that has no ties to the school,” Principal Mike Bennett said.

Clubs that are connected to curriculum like FFA and NHS will stay. Some students and advisors are disappointed that they are doing this.

“I’ve been involved in the ski/snowboard club program for 18 years at MHS. Planning and traveling with the students to ski hills in Big Sky, Sun Valley, and Snow Basin has been and continues to be very positive and thrilling. I see students build friendships, laugh, create lasting memories, and learn to fill their winter with a sport that makes it bearable and enjoyable. Students know their grades and attendance need to be in compliance with the school policy so I see this as a good way to help promote effort towards their academic goals. I would hope that we can all work together to figure out how to keep this program alive and well for future students passionate about a sport that carries with it many positive outcomes,” Mrs. Eastin said.