Tide Pods: The Forbidden Fruit


Ozzy Niederer and Drake Rainey

With the start of 2018 came a new trend, the Tide Pod challenge. What you do for the challenge is put a Tide Pod in your mouth and try to eat it.

“If someone swallows a tide pod it will probably poison them. It might even burn their throat but it might not burn their stomach because your stomach is pretty acidic already,” Mr. Muller said.

Tide Pods are just laundry detergent in pods to make it more convenient than actual detergent.

“When someone eats a tide pod they are basically eating detergent and detergent is poison. And if it’s not good don’t do it. Don’t eat tide pods!” Mrs. Decker said.

To see what you should do if you eat a Tide Pod we called poison control to see what they had to say.

“Tide Pods are very dangerous there have been fatalities and it can be fatal. The fluid in the pods spits out so quickly and kids start choking and it can also get into the lungs and in the stomach, there have been cases of metabolic acidosis and vomiting. It’s much more potent than your typical detergent,” Poison Control Center said.