President #45


MHS react to the Trump Inauguration

by Anna Shirley, Sara Thurgood, and Justin Edwards

The Inauguration has always been a huge event, and it’s no different this year. There will be several music artists performing in an all day public concert as well as a big parade that comes about every 4 years on inauguration day. The weather forecast is a bit gloomy, so it could quite literally rain on Trump’s parade, but that won’t stop the American people from showing their patriotism.

With how controversial the 2016 election has been, there’s bound to be a lot going on at the Inauguration this year. Along with the celebrities and music artists performing at the Inauguration, there are also plenty of famous people protesting it in several ways. There have even been quite a few artists, such as KISS, Moby, and David Foster, who were asked to perform but declined or are doing other concerts in protest. There are plenty of opinions going around about politics this year, here’s what the people at MHS have to say