Oddly Satisfying

by Kayla Horne, Brynn Castillow, and Brigham Williams

Why is it that satisfying videos on Instagram catch our attention? Is it the sound of the slime popping, the way the sand is cut perfectly, or perhaps how the paint spreads smoothly? Now whenever you’re bored feel free to hop on instagram and take a quick look at these oddly satisfying videos.

The cutting of sand @sand.isfying on Instagram pleased sophomore Issy Carter. The video of cutting sand, in a straight line, with a knife is a big hit on Instagram with 313K followers. They use different sand colors, knifes, and texture of sands. Showing a video to Carter made her feel  satisfied.

“When cutting the sand, the sound was nice, and the clean cut of the sand was nice.” Carter said.

Courtesy video by @sand.isfying on Instagram

With over thousands of views these slime videos have become a hit on social media. On instagram, user @audeezslisme has a huge reputation for her variety of slime videos, so whether you’re bored, or just need to relax, slime is the way to go. Senior Hannah Moore is another voice for the weird, yet strangely addicting videos.

“The sound and the texture is satisfying, also just by looking at it, it’s like you’re holding it yourself. This video makes me want to have one,” Moore said.

When Junior Preston Weber was shown the Annette Labedzki’s instagram page he was already familiar with these oddly satisfying vidoes.  Annette Labedzki is a Canadian artist who is well known for her painting videos, which many people find satisfying.  

“I see videos like that a lot on Instagram and on Twitter.”  Preston’s favorite oddly satisfying videos to watch is is the robots at work video.

                                                 Courtesy Video from @annettelabezki on Instagram