No More Free Lunch?

This is where the students line up to choose and pick up their lunch.

This is where the students line up to choose and pick up their lunch.

Hayden Sorenson, Reporter

 Lunch is an important part of most high school students’ day. Free school lunch was introduced to Madison High School last year. As a result of this, more and more students started staying at school to eat their free lunches. It was recently released that free school lunches would no longer be an option and that they would start charging for school lunches once again. Many students think that school lunches should remain free.

“I eat school every day, I probably go out once every two months. So I rely pretty heavily on the free school lunch,” junior Harry Brewer said.

A photo of the school lunch menu offered at Madison High School.

Students have started becoming reliant on free lunches. Switching from free lunches to charging money for lunches will leave many of those students without a lunch at all. 

“Going out to eat not only costs more money, but it uses gas. In turn, you are spending all of the money on gasoline and preventing yourself from being able to save that money that you spent on fast food,” Bradley Pierre said. Going out to eat will not only force the students to spend more money on food from nearby local restaurants but will also require students to pay for the gas to get from place to place. This also puts more high school drivers on the road, increasing the risk of accidents, especially in the winter season.

“I think that school lunches should remain free to students, as it has been beneficial to many to not have to worry about having to pay for their school lunch or not,” Brewer said.