Advice For Upcoming Seniors


Lucy Gentry posing n her senior pictures

Grace Rassmussen, Reporter

Being a senior comes with a lot of stress. Worrying about if you are taking the right classes, applying to colleges, and just making sure you have a good senior year. Well some seniors have decided to share their wisdom and the things they’ve learned over their four years of high school to make sure the upcoming seniors don’t make the same mistakes they did.

“My favorite thing about senior year has been ES,” senior Emily Dustin said.

ES is a program at Madison high school that gives students the opportunity to learn outside and learn how to better appreciate the environment around them.

One thing all the seniors had in common was their love and appreciation for Mrs. Leatham, a teacher in the English department.

Emily Dustin posing in her senior pictures

  “In her English classes she doesn’t just teach about English but how to be a better person and what is most important in life,” senior Lucy Gentry said. 

Most of the seniors didn’t have any regrets but the ones who did said they regretted not going to more dances, not participating in the drama program, and not taking more art electives. 

“My one regret is not running for student council or not auditioning for a play or musical because I think those would’ve been fun things to do,” Senior Trey Skinner said.