Skating In Rexburg ID

Skater at the park hitting a kickflip

Jase Lesh

Skater at the park hitting a kickflip

Jase Lesh, Reporter

The small city of Rexburg is full of young college students and high schoolers. With that, comes a large diversity of different hobbies and niches, especially skating.

The skaters of Rexburg are few and far but that doesn’t stop them from banding together and doing what they love.

“I like the community here a lot, Compared to where I used to live in California. Even the people in Idaho Falls are cool,” Junior Ryan Dransfield said.

With that said, the skaters of Rexburg love their community and want to invite more people to share their passion with. The more the merrier.

Ryan Dransfield finishing a grind at the rexburg skatepark
(Jase Lesh)

“The community is super welcoming to new skaters and supportive of people learning how to skate,” Junior Max Warden said.

Though these guys love their park, they do have some complaints. The skatepark in Rexburg is still lacking in features that other Skateparks have.

“It has the stuff we need, but it would be better and more fun if they made it a bit bigger. More boxes and bigger bowls,” Dransfield said.

Since the skate community here is rather small, as expected, so is the park. But nothing can keep these guys from doing what they love.

“I love it. I dream of it. I think of it all the time,” Junior Josh Olsen said.