Prepping for Pricey Prom

Bella Hansen, Reporter

Prom at MHS is on May 7th. This is something students look forward to their whole lives, but is the cost behind it worth it?

The first thing people usually worry about when getting ready for prom is obviously, a promposal. Most people don’t do anything super intricate and just stick with a poster and some kind of treat. It only costs around $5 to $15 to ask someone to prom.

After responding or getting a response, the outfits are the next thing that has to be figured out. For the girls, an outfit or dress is somewhere between $90-150 on average. The guys have to pay a little more for their outfits than girls do. A suit costs somewhere between $100 and $300 depending on how nice the suit is. If a tux is preferred over a suit, it will be even more expensive.

On prom day, most people do a day date prior to the dance. Some people save a little money by coming up with ideas for a date that is fun but not expensive. These activities are usually outside or at home activities. These activities can be anywhere from $0 to $35. Some people aren’t too worried about day date expenses and decide on going somewhere extravagant. Seniors especially, because they know this is their last high school dance ever. That kind of day date might cost around $50 to $100. 

Corsages and boutonnieres have been a tradition for many years now. Even if they aren’t worn for long, they are a big part of dances. Rexburg floral does a lot of flower arrangements for dances in a short amount of time. They charge $24.99 for a traditional corsage and $29.99 for a fancier or bigger version. Regular boutonnieres cost $12.99 and fancier ones cost $17.99.

Amberlyn Day posing with her corsage at Homecoming (Jordyn Day)

Dinner is a very important part of the date. Everyone is starving by the time the activity and pictures are over so dinner needs to be spectacular. A lot of people choose to do a potluck style dinner, but in an organized way. A main dish can be chosen and all of the sides can be planned around it. This way everyone just has to bring one or two dishes to share without spending lots of money. To put less pressure on people and their moms, restaurants can be another good choice. Usually people choose to go to fancier places for prom since it is a formal dance. It would cost around $50 to $75 for regular meals at a fancy restaurant depending on where you go.

Finding a photographer to take prom pictures is always a stress when prom is coming up. Pictures can be taken on phones or normal cameras for dances, but for prom, the pictures are usually on the higher quality side. A photographer will charge around $15 to $30 per couple for pictures. 

Buying tickets to prom takes the least amount of work, but is still pricey. If the tickets are bought before the presale ends, it costs $40. If the tickets are bought at the door, they cost $50.