Senioritis Slump

During the fifth period, after a long day of work Senior Rhyanne Scott takes a well deserved nap in the library

Parker Christenson

During the fifth period, after a long day of work Senior Rhyanne Scott takes a well deserved nap in the library

Parker Christenson, Reporter

Seniors thoughts on third trimester and their high school careers coming to a close

As the third trimester begins and graduation looms, seniors are experiencing the well known senioritis. While the feeling is well known, seniors all have their own interpretations of it. From feelings of uneasiness for the future to barely even caring about highschool.

“I think it’s just realizing how fast your life is going by, you realize you’re graduating and life’s starting and it doesn’t feel real,” said Senior, Ella McOmber

This realization is driving students to do far more with their senior year in comparison to previous years. Ever since being accepted into college, Senior Jackson Hawkins has been able to spend more time doing what he truly loves in the form of art. Seniors aren’t just working on their hobbies but also expanding their social circles. Senior, Ashlynn Peterson has been improving her social interactions with other seniors and is trying to meet and talk to more seniors for her last year.

“I don’t care about school anymore because I got into college but I feel guilty, so I try my hardest not to be a total bum but I often just end up doing what I want. Which is actually nice, I’ve done a lot more art and creative activities,” Senior Jackson Hawkins said.

Despite the positive changes that senior year brings, senioritis causes lots of students to lose motivation and become increasingly stressed. 

“You just get super stressed, or well, I get super stressed,” Senior Kelvin Moore said.

Many seniors have recommendations on how to cope with the conclusion of the third trimester and what Juniors can do to prepare for senior year. For juniors, Moore recommends taking all of your hard classes the first trimester, especially Government A & B, so that the third trimester can be as stress free as possible. As for seniors, Peterson recommends thinking about how you want your senior year to end and set goals that will help you achieve that.

“It’s the last stretch just keep working hard cause it’ll all be worth it, don’t give up now, just keep going.” said McOmber