Phones at School

Senior Marley McNair using her phone to search up a word.

Courtesy Photo

Senior Marley McNair using her phone to search up a word.

Sarah Hegewald, Bobcat Beat Staff

Senior Marley McNair using her phone to search up a word. (Courtesy Photo)

Phones make our daily lives so much easier. We have an infinite amount of information at our fingertips so obviously we should have them available to us at school as well. In recent times, the rules banning phones have become much less strict but occasionally there is a teacher or staff member that does not appreciate them. However, our phones are helping us more than some people realize. If we have a quick question that we need to look up or a word that we do not understand then we should be allowed to use our phones to do that quickly. Obviously, in a perfect world, we would want to restrict access to our phones to make sure cheating isn’t happening. Unfortunately, people cheat with or without their phones. I think what should be banned is teachers taking away our phones without a valid reason. We should also consider banning the use of phone collectors or phone jails. It should simply be enough for teachers to say when it is okay and not okay to use phones in class.

The pros of phone use at school outweigh the cons. Our phones help us communicate with our other classmates as well. For example, many students use their phones to contact their friends about lunch plans or arranging rides. We can also use our phones as an organizational tool. They can be used to take notes or pictures for assignments. All these tasks are done easier because of phones. The best part about phones is that they can cure boredom or offer an outlet in an awkward situation. When we sit in our classes, we have a lot of time that we don’t use to do assignments. If we have nothing better to do than our phones give us something to do like playing games or checking social media. Social media is really great when it comes to school. This year Madison had close to 200 new students. Our phones give us ways to easily make new friends at a new school and also contact our old friends. At this point, preventing people from being on their phones at school would be difficult. They have such a big impact on teenagers’ lives.