I’ll See You in Court


Courtesy Photo

MHS students awaiting the Smarties Trials in the library.

Mariela Navarrete, Bobcat Beat Staff

For the past few days, the halls of MHS have been feeling a little suspicious. That’s because the students in Mrs. Woolf’s government classes were in the middle of their Smartie Trials. The Smartie trials are a fun and interactive way to teach students how the U.S. court justice system works. Students get the opportunity to be police, sellers, buyers, undercover cops, and many other roles.

Senior Tel Bair was one of the many students that participated in the trials this week. Bair was the chief of police and a key witness, both very important and hard jobs.

“The hardest part was remembering who did what. We also knew who people were but couldn’t pin the evidence on them,” Bair said.

The sellers had to be very sneaky and quiet in order to stay under the radar but for Senior Ally Roach it didn’t end too well. Roach was tricked and sold to an undercover cop, landing her a spot in court.

“You know I thought I could win but I did lose, but it was fun,” Roach said.

Buyers were being just as sneaky observing everyone very closely and taking notes. Senior Joselin Alvarado made sure she had the right person before she made any purchases.

“The hardest part was finding the person I was assigned to communicate with, to actually know who the seller was, and also agreeing on a place to exchange the smarties,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado did a very good job at laying low and keeping herself out of trouble. Alvarado’s experience with the trial was really good and she learned a lot from it.

“I really liked to see how the process happens, how easily people tell on you, and how much work is put into the investigation,” Alvarado said.