The Lost World Of Vehicles

Keagan Martin poses next to his 1987 gmc.

Keagan Martin poses next to his 1987 gmc.

Keagan Martin, Bobcatbeat Staff


One thing that many people over the years have taken for granted and lost sight of is the great technology of cars, trucks, and other vehicles of transportation. Most people these days only see them as a box of steel with 4 wheels. For a much smaller percentage of people they see them in a different light and as they should be seen. They are seen as almost a living entity. These vehicles are actually part of who these people are. 

The reason most people lost sight of this is because they have become more focused on other areas of life that older generations didn’t have or need. Imagine a world without cars and trucks. Nobody would be driving. Everyone would have to walk and have a horse to ride to work. Vehicles have revolutionized the world. Their production has made it easy and convenient to get to places quicker and more efficiently. 

“My truck is much more special than just a box of steel and 4 wheels, it’s like a girlfriend but better because it’s a part of me that I make my own and take care of it. I can always spend money on different things but one of the nicest things to spend it on is my truck because it will take care of me the more I take care of it,” Senior Dyllan Hansen said. 

Dyllan Hansens gmc pickup. (Courtesy Photo)

Most people won’t look very far into just how much a car actually represents. Not only for its time and how far it’s come, but how it has a deeper connection for some people. 

“It’s sad to see how people can’t understand or accept that some of us actually see the reality behind our cars or trucks. They are a part of who we are and they are pretty much like a living person. For someone like me it helps with depression and to help me escape from the sad reality that we now live in,” Hansen said. 

For these people that can still see what the vehicles are and what they represent, they get together as clubs or big groups to help each other with new ideas. They exchange what has worked for them and things they are going to do. 

“These car and truck meets are amazing! They help people feel like a family and they feel like their work is appreciated. The more people involved the better because it becomes like a big family where everyone enjoys the other builds,” Hansen said.