Joining the ‘Board Game Club’

Some of Mr. Fillmore’s board games. Most people love Dominion.

Peyton Burrell

Some of Mr. Fillmore’s board games. Most people love Dominion.

Peyton Burrell, Bobcat Beat Staff

Learning new strategies while making new friends is a great way to have fun. Mr. Fillmore has a ‘Board Game Club’ where anyone is welcome to join.

“Board games are a great unifying tool to get different people in the same place to have fun together, and build relationships with others,” Fillmore said.

This club is a place for everyone and all people are welcome to join.

“The main purpose is to have a sense of belonging here at the school,” Fillmore said.

This is also an opportunity for you to learn new games and strategies in a fun way.

“A lot of games we own aren’t super common, so if you come you will most likely learn a new game you haven’t played before,” Fillmore said. “We have about 15-20 games here and we encourage people to bring their own strategy games from home if they want to teach everyone else how to play a different type of game.”

The club meets pretty often so when you want to play a game go to room 611 and be ready to have fun.

“The students come and play at lunch pretty regularly, and every once in a while we schedule a day after school where we can play longer games, usually once a month,” Fillmore said.

If you have second lunch and you are interested in playing and learning new games, show up and talk to Mr. Fillmore.

The board game ‘Dominion’ set up in Mr. Fillmore’s room. This is a deck-building card game with the goal to have the most victory points when the game ends.
(Peyton Burrell)

“We mostly play strategy games, just show up and let me know that you want to play board games,” Fillmore said.