The Merry Murders of Montmarie


Cast of The Merry Murders of Montmarie.

Trey Skinner , Junior Editor

Got plans this weekend? Well now you do because Madison’s spring play The Merry Murders of Montmarie opens this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday at 7 pm!! It’s about a guy who inherits a boarding school for girls in Switzerland and he finds out these girls are more suspicious than he thought…..maybe even murderous! 

This play is going to be a laughable and lovable one for the audience so come out and support our theater kids and see the amazing work they have put in! 

“It’s a dark comedy play so it’s about murder but the light side of murder so it’s super funny,” James Christopherson(11) said.

 Come to see the interesting and fun characters that will keep you engaged all the way through the play. 

“I play a German school inspector so I come and have a feeling that something fishy is going on and my goal is to shut the school down,” Hannah Miller(12) said.

Hold on to your feet ladies and gentlemen because this play will indeed knock your socks off.

“Everyone come out and watch!” Logan Hensley(12) said.