Muller’s Crew– The Smartest of MHS


Photo by Mars Weaver

Will Dixon practicing for this weeks competition.

Mars Weaver, Editor

The Scholastic Team is a group of 11 of the smartest students at Madison High School. They compete with other schools such as IF and Thunder Ridge on Thursday afternoons. The Scholastic team has had a great year so far and continues to succeed. After last week’s competition, the team’s winning record is 16 and 2. 

“We literally sit there with buzzers, and they read a question. Then you try and answer as fast as you can. It’s just a lot of fun; it’s just really exciting when you can answer something right. Especially when people say, oh my gosh, I was just about to get that question. Then you feel like, oh dang, I was faster than them,” DaBell said. 

Like any other team, the Scholastics Team practice every week and work hard to learn new things to give them an advantage when they compete. 

“We practice just like a regular match. We have somebody read the questions, and then we try and get them. There is a whole archive of like twenty years of Scholastic Team stuff; math, science, chemistry, biology, anything you can think of. They have some history and English too,” Senior Captain Josh DaBell said. 

The first year DaBell competed, the team only had five people. This year they have 11 students, and the team keeps on growing. They encourage students who take more challenging classes and enjoy science or math to look into joining next year. It’s a fun environment, and students on the team love the opportunity to learn new things with new people. 

“My favorite part of Scholastic Team is the interesting facts that we learn and the fun that we get to have,” Senior Jonas Barzee said. 

Monday’s Scholastic practice. (Photo by Mars Weaver )


Although things will be different due to Covid, The INL will still hold the regional Eastern Idaho Competition. The current plan is that the team will compete in the tournament over Zoom.