Customized Nike

Brooke Parkinson, Bobcatbeat Staff

Tik Tok has been trending with customized sweatshirts for half the cost of regular name brand clothing. You can create any design you want, whether it’s tie dye, bleach dye and patches. 

They’re being sold all over the internet and even look better than any regular sweatshirt you’d buy, they’re not what everyone wears, so it makes them unique 


Clothing Patches ( you can purchase these at any craft store ) 

  • Walmart sweatshirt or sweatpants, for less than $10!
  • Tie dye kit , if you choose
  • Clothing iron 

You can buy letter patches and spell out any brand name. For example, Nike or Adidas but add another patch to replace the letter. 

Take the piece of clothing and lay out the patches before you iron on, then make sure you place wax paper over the patches before ironing. This prevents burning of the fabric.

Courtesy Photo