Bobcats Handle Rams


Stockton Christensen, Sports Writer

Madison put on a dazzling showcase tonight with a blistering 41 point win over the visiting Highland Rams, 86-45. It was senior night and boy did those seniors play. Taden King the 6’5 star point guard had 24 points, Eli Randall at the power forward spot had 18, Braxton Pierce their other big man had 11.

During this game it seemed points in the paint was the theme for the Cats offense as they scored bucket after bucket inside. Highland didn’t seem to have an answer for those bruisers down low as they punished Highland for their lack of size.

Taden King was unstoppable as well. Defense was fought hard, fast, and aggressive. Turnovers were huge, the tough defense stole the ball from the Rams like they were just giving them the ball. From those turnovers the transitions created many points and good shot opportunities for the Cats. Coach Travis Schwab was proud of his team and excited for the games to come.

“To be able to honor our seniors like that, you know the seniors have given so much to this program,” said Coach Schwab. The seniors got one heck of a night to be honored with that kind of blow out.

This team just came off a loss to Thunder Ridge and were really ready to come back with a win. From the start of this game the Cats took off leading 16-7 after the first quarter. The lead continued when at half they were winning 43-21.

Defensively they shut down the Rams best players. Mason Mickelson of the Rams was held to 4 points the whole game. “The thing that is so exciting is we’ve talked about how good Mickelson is and we talked about the last time where we shied away from him a bit, so we challenged him,” said Coach. That was their best player and he was held to 4 points which is very impressive to do. Braxton Pierce and Eli Randall went after him, they drove and bodied into Mickelson getting him to commit fouls and have to leave the court. Even when he had the ball he couldn’t find anywhere to go with the ball as he was bodied up hard and sometimes double teamed.

“I thought the foul trouble that he got in to really changed how he played tonight,” said Coach. The Cats looked impressive and firing on all cylinders in this win. Look for them in the following district games and then onto state where they could have a good chance at making a splash.