Alexa Johnson

Cambry Holloway , Bobcatbeat Staff

Junior Alexa Johnson is a cheerleader on the MHS cheerleading team and shares her insights from competitions, to all the way to state.

“I started cheer in eighth grade and I’m on the varsity team. We have many competitions. We had one last weekend and the one before that. Last weekend we placed third in show, third in sideline, and second in pom and second in stunt. The competition before that, we placed first in everything. The other competition, we got first and second. Pom is the dancing routine. Show is our big routine that has all our stunting and tumbling in it. Sideline is just like cheering and everything. This year a lot of competitions have been virtual or the awards have been virtual so they just like to announce it but I think they send us something. We’re almost done with our season. Our next competition is the district and then state after that. We find out at districts if we go to state. We haven’t won state in a really long time since 2012 and last year we made state but then state got canceled. I haven’t even gone to state yet. With having Covid, practices are normal. It’s the games that were different. Only like six girls could go to games but now it’s back to normal. I love my team. I’m really close with all of them. We’re like an extra family and I’ve made a lot of friends and I really like our coaches. They are super laid back, fun, and exciting and they all make cheer super fun,” Alexa Johnson said.