Madison Memorial Hospital Receives the Covid-19 Vaccine


Photo taken from CNBC

Bennett LaBaugh, Bobcat Beat Staff

For generations, people have celebrated Christmas by watching the “Miracle on 34th Street,”, but this year the miracle arrived at the end of Main Street.

The “miracle” arrived earlier this week at Madison Memorial Hospital in the form of the COVID-19 vaccine, only one day after it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Madison County was one of the first recipients of the vaccine. Rosa Wasden, phlebotomist at Madison Memorial Hospital, was one of the first of five to receive the vaccine.

“It is like a regular flu shot, and then three weeks later I will receive the second dose of the Covid shot. The only thing that I experienced was my arm was sore and that was only for eight hours,” Wasden said.

Madison Memorial Hospital has been able to vaccinate all of their front-line workers and is still in the process of getting the best care for their patients and staff. Just because Madison Memorial Hospital has the vaccine for COVID-19 doesn’t mean CDC guidelines, like mask wearing and social distancing, go out the window, especially for hospitals, they must go beyond to protect themselves.

“We have tried to follow every precaution that we have possibly known about hand hygiene, masks, N95, gowns, covering our hair and our feet,” Wasden said.

The existence of COVID-19 and its symptoms and practices have been somewhat speculated by people from all over the world.

“When I was in the ICU drawing patients who were on ventilators, I knew this was a real thing. I have seen patients that just lose their taste and smell to patients that have almost died and patients that have died. This is real and I wish people would take it more seriously,” Wasden said.

For doctors like Wasden, the first five vaccinations that took place are more than just a shot, they’re the beginning of getting back to normal life. The COVID-19 vaccine is the next step for us to return to basketball games, to have large-scale dances and living a life where we don’t have to worry about a deadly disease. The miracle at the end of Main Street is one that will spread faster than Covid, by filling hospitals and homes with life and relief.