Covid-19 Vaccine has Arrived


Photo from East Idaho News's live stream

A screenshot of a live done by East Idaho News. The first Covid-19 vaccine given at Madison Memorial Hospital.

Bennett LaBaugh, Bobcatbeat Staff

Rexburg, IDAHO – The Covid 19 Vaccine has arrived in Eastern Idaho and was administered to five Madison Memorial Hospital employees according to a story obtained by East Idaho News. Amy Gamett gave the vaccine to five Madison Memorial employees including doctors, a respiratory therapist, and a register

Madison Memorial Hospital, where the vaccine was given early Monday afternoon. (Photo by Bennett LaBaugh)

ed nurse who works in the intensive care unit.

Having a vaccine in our town definitely brings a positive vibe of safety and surety to Rexburg and Madison County. Public Health that having a vaccine will make us safer and those at higher risk and on the front lines.

Madison Memorial Hospitalist Director Dr. Jack Clark says that since it is unclear how many times a person can contract Covid-19 getting vaccinated can help our immune systems prevent future infections.

But when will high schoolers get the vaccine? As of right now, Idaho’s plan is to work from the most at risk to the least. Idaho’s Vaccine plan outlines 2 groups of workers to get vaccinated. The list goes from most at risk and then lowers the risk by smaller amounts.

The list does not communicate the value or worth of an individual, rather communicates risk levels. Until everyone gets vaccinated, we can follow CDC and Public Health Officials guidelines by wearing masks, and social distancing.