Christmas Traditions

Cambry Holloway , Bobcatbeat Staff

Christmas time is a very joyful time for a lot of people and a very fun time of the year. Students at Madison High school have very many favorite foods and some have favorite traditions.

“My favorite foods are eggnog, turkey, and my grandma’s rolls,”  Junior Anna Tonks said “Going to my grandparents house and going sledding with my cousins is my favorite Christmas tradition.” She thinks it is funny to watch her little cousins run into trees while they are sledding.

Junior Kalaya Goodmen says her favorites Christmas foods are zebra popcorn, Christmas cookies, the little circled ones that you are made and you bake them. “I don’t like the taste of them, they’re just fun to make,” Goodman said. “We always make hot chocolate and watch Polar Express every New Year’s Eve and wear our new Christmas pj’s.” She also adds that every year she always finds her Christmas presents. She makes it a goal and looks through her house. This year she found it in her water room in a bag that had zip ties on them. She said she cut them open and found out all her presents.

Hopefully even in times of covid everyone can still have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy everything they do!