Tying Blankets for Shop with a Cop


Photo by Kylie Jones

NHS members got together to tie blankets

Hannah Burrell, Junior Editor

On Wednesday, December 9th, the NHS members all got together to tie blankets to donate to Shop with a Cop. Junior, Mikelle Dorman, and Senior, Ethan Orr, shared their insights on the activity.

The NHS’s service activity consisted of NHS members tying blankets to give to Shop with a Cop.

“We are tying blankets together to give to kids in the program, Shop with a Cop,” Dorman said.

Bonding through the action of service, the NHS members got a two-in-one experience; the ability to help others in need and the chance to talk to different people.

“I think it’s fun to do stuff with your hands and to get to socialize with people,” Orr said. 

The NHS members are very sincere and happy to volunteer for any service project.

“I enjoy knowing that this is going to make someone happy, and that I’m doing service and good for others,” Dorman said.

The blankets that were tied, are being donated to the program, Shop with a Cop, and given to people who need them.

“I like being able to help people and being able to tie blankets, knowing that it will go somewhere where someone needs it,” Orr said.

The NHS also do many different service activities that bring everyone involved closer together.

“I enjoy how it brings everyone together regardless of who they are and what activities we do,” Dorman said.

Any Sophomores and/or Juniors interested in NHS, make sure to apply next year for an amazing experience.

“Sophomores join NHS next year and Juniors make sure to join your senior year,” Orr said.

Slowly but surely, NHS members got all the blankets tied (Photo by Kylie Jones)