After School Activities


Photo Courtesy of Houston Erickson

Erickson at one of his football games

Ariana Vega, Bobcat Beat Staff

After school, most high school students want to go home right after and chill or sleep for the rest of the day. 

“After school, I want to hang with friends but I just end up sitting at home. I used to play soccer and lacrosse but I don’t anymore so I don’t have anything else to do,” Junior Brandon King said.

Unfortunately, most students can’t or don’t have time to go home and sleep. Although some students do have time to sleep or go hangout with friends, there’s others that have games or work right after school. 

“During football season, I want to go home and sleep but I have games or work that I have to go to and don’t end up having time for it,” Sophomore Houston Erickson said. 

Another one of these students is Sophomore, Ricky Ayon who has work right after school

Ayon at work at his job (Photo courtesy of Ricky Ayon)

“After school, I want to go home and play video games with my friends but i get dropped off at work after school and don’t get out until around 9 or 10 at night,” Ayon said.