Has Covid Effected Dance Studios

Emily Palafox , Bobcat Beat Staff

As many know, Covid-19 has affected many sports and extracurricular activities, by cancelling them and/or causing restrictions to be set in place. Dance is one of these sports/extracurricular activities. At Madison Highschool there are students who participate in dance studios and companies throughout Rexburg.

McKenna Luthy is one of these students. Luthy is a Senior at Madison High School that dances for a company called Lost Tribe.

“Lost Tribe specializes in Hip Hop, my favorite style in Hip Hop is swag because it looks so easy to do it, like everyone can do it until you start learning it and realize it’s a lot harder of a style to make look good.”

Luthy was looking forward to competitions and dance conventions, but because of Covid many of them got cancelled.

“We got the opportunity to go to Arizona for Hip Hop International this year but they cancelled it due to Covid and this season we don’t have any big performances or competitions available to go to.”

Since many competitions and conventions were cancelled Luthy was sad about the dance season being changed.

“I am very disappointed about everything being cancelled, it was almost a reason for me to quit the season before we even got started. I really enjoy going to conventions and competitions and it breaks my heart that my senior year I just get to do little shows here and there, but I’m making the best of the opportunity and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Some studios have restrictions on how many people can be in the building or if dancers have to wear a mask or not. 

“The studio I dance at is constantly sanitized and our instructors wear masks,” said Luthy.

Hayley Johnston is another student that dances and attends Madison High School. Johnston is a Junior at MHS and dances for Dance Addiction.

“We don’t really specialize in one specific style of dance, but we do Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Contemporary. I would say my Lyrical is my favorite because I can express myself through it.”

Johnston’s dance season hasn’t been heavily affected by Covid-19 and nothing has been cancelled from Johnston’s knowledge of her dance schedule. 

“Covid hasn’t really affected dance, but we do take more precautions like washing our hands before class.”

Different studios are taking different precautions and some studios have had many things cancelled, but with all of that happening these dancers are trying to stay positive during these times.

McKenna Luthy posing for her senior pictures (Photo By Lily Arith)