How do Some Madison High Students Feel About the 2020 Election?

Hilton Bates , Bobcat Beat Staff

The 2020 presidential election has been subject to much controversy throughout the nation. Here’s what students at Madison have felt about it.

“I would not want to vote for either of the main two party candidates. They both have so many flaws that it’s just not an ethical choice for me. I don’t agree with most of what either of them are for,” an anonymous Madison High student said.

Although there are a few students who are eligible to vote during this election, there are still many who are not. This hasn’t prevented students from paying attention to the country’s current politics, and trying to influence the opinions of those who can vote.

“I probably would vote for Trump even though I don’t support most of his ideas and thoughts. I just feel like he would stick with his policies more so than Biden would,” Senior Tyler Pena said.

Even though some students don’t agree with what Trump believes, they at least seem to think that he knows how to handle a position in the United States Government. 

“If I had to vote, i would vote for Donald Trump because even though I don’t agree with all of his methods, he won’t be played like a puppet.”