Out Of Ordinary Places To Go For Lunch


Ricky Ayon

Tacos Tepito

Ariana Vega , Bobcat Beat Staff

Marley McNair, Ricardo Ayon, and Landen Drake, students at MHS, share where they go for lunch that not many students go. 

“I normally just go to my house for lunch but today I went to Chick-fil-A,” McNair said, “it sounded good and I wanted fast food but I was sick of eating just McDonald’s and Wendy’s because that’s what I normally do if I eat out and so I don’t know. It was pretty good. I got back a little bit late but it wasn’t bad,” McNair added. 

Most students get bored or annoyed of the same places every day so they end up going to their houses or places not many people like to go to. Some even go to their house because it’s cheaper and faster.

“Me, Kameron Kostial, Trayson Kostial and Zach Pena mainly go to Kameron house because we save money plus he has good food and we mess around and play on the playstation while we’re there. After we leave to go back to the school, we stop by Valley wide to get drinks and stuff because his house is next to Valley wide,” Drake said.

While students are out getting food, they usually get done fast and have nothing else to do with the remaining time. Most just drive around or go back to school and wait in their cars till the bell rings.

“ When I go to the taco bus, I usually get back a couple minutes before the bell instead of getting back 30 minutes before like people do when they go to Mcdonalds and all they could do is walk around school.” Ayon said.