The Trending Game: Among Us

Matthew Jeppesen, Bobcat Beat Staff

Grace shows off her artistic skills with her ‘Among Us’ character drawings (Photo by Matthew Jeppesen)
Traven outside playing ‘Among Us’ on his phone (Photo by Matthew Jeppesen)

You’re thousands of miles from home, hurtling through space on a rickety old spaceship where everything is bound to go wrong. The minute you get the electrical working the reactor starts to overheat, the coms go down, and once that is all fixed the lights go out and you stumble upon the body of your crewman. It’s not just bad luck. There is an impostor on board!

Among Us is a game of intrigue blowing up all around the world! Traven Carlton a  10th grader and Grace Galbraith an 11th grader explain how the game works. “The crew members are trying to save the ship and there’s an imposter who’s trying to sabotage it or kill all the crew members, and the crew members are trying to figure out who the imposter is throughout the game or to finish all their tasks to save their ship,”Galbraith said. 

This game is an up and coming murder mystery game, figuring out who’s the imposter, and figuring out who’s telling the truth, and who is not. If you are even suspected of sabotage or blink the wrong way all the frightened crewmen vote you off and you’re ejected into space. 

“If you’re the imposter, kill everybody, if you’re the crewmate then finish your task or kick out all the imposters,” Carlton said. 

“I would rather be the crew member, the imposter makes me too nervous. It’s fun working as a team and it’s too stressful for me to be the imposter because you have to lie, and I’m a terrible liar,” Galbraith said.

At the beginning of the game two imposters are chosen from a group at random. No one has a choice over who it will be. Everyone is a suspect. Grace would prefer crew members over impostors, because she would rather work as a team and not be a liar.

“Imposter would be my choice if playing, because you can use the vents and you can be sneaky and attack people,” Carlton said. Carlton would love the chance of being the imposter almost every time. He sinisterly enjoys being sneaky and attacking the unsuspecting teammates. 

“Do your task quickly if you’re the crew member, if you’re the imposter do lots of sabotages and play with two imposters if you can,” Galbraith said.

Whether you enjoy being a crew member and working as a team, or sneaking through ducts, plotting, scheming and sabotaging their efforts, there’s room for all to enjoy Among Us.