Split Lunch


Photo by Brooke Parkinson

Madison High School’s cafeteria.

With covid-19 on the rise, precautionary measures are being placed throughout the country in school districts to reduce the risk of the virus. Many districts are adapting to hybrid courses and completely online, Madison gave students the option of how to continue their education. With many changes to Madison, came the high schools new split lunch! throwback to junior high for sure. 

“I lowkey kind of like it. There is barely any traffic and there are no lines when you go out. But I do miss being able to go with friends who are now in a different lunch,” Senior Addie Palmer said.

Although some may disagree about split lunches it’s brought a lot to the table. Its decreased tardies, traffic, and car accidents in the parking lots which have made school administrators happy, but not so much insurance companies 

“This summer we looked into how we could make school fit into this covid world! Encouraging masks, encouraging social distancing, and trying to facilitate social distancing with the split lunches. We’ve done a lot of research and split lunches made sense,” said Principal Klassen.

School administrators took time from pause and added five minutes to both lunches. 

“It’s nice because there’s not as many people and it’s less crowded,” Junior Noah Goodnough said.

Between first and second lunch, the cafeteria staff sanitizes the cafeteria thoroughly to reduce the risk of contamination 

“As a district we talked about a lot of things including having half the school come, and half stay home. Our goal was to have kids in class, face to face with teachers as much as possible. One way we can do that and stay within our parameters was split lunch,” Klassen said.

There are no plans to switch back to one period lunch throughout the school year. Madison will proceed with split lunch until further notice.