Meet Our New Administrators!

Hilton Bates and Grace Gibbs

This year at Madison has been packed with new changes. One of the most exciting changes are our three new administrators; Mr. Bradee Klassen, Mr. Bill Storm, and Mr. Jordan Busby.

“My favorite part about being a principle so far is getting to hang out with kids. I enjoy watching kids succeed, and watching kids participate in band, orchestra, football, basketball, and all the other sports and activities and also getting to watch them succeed in the classroom as well.” Klassen said.

 The new administration shares a love for working with students, and anybody involved with helping them succeed.

“I just wanted to be able to work with more people, still working with the students because I love working with the students, but just having that ability to work with the other patrons and staff members and everyone that’s involved in the education process.” Storm said.

Mr. Klassen expressed a desire to watch us succeed both academically, and in our extracurricular activities. 

“Madison is really unique in the sense that we have an expectation of excellence here and it starts with our teachers. They expect great things from our students and you can feel that when you walk down the halls…” Klassen said.

Being an administrator is not a very new experience for all of them. For example, Mr. Busby has been an elementary school principal in addition to being in the high school administration before. However, the job always has its ups and downs. 

“I just love being back here with a lot of the same kids that I was their elementary principle and it’s just a great, and exciting packed day every day,” Busby said.