New kids on the Block 


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

The Bobcadettes preforming last Friday.

Alanna Morales and Shaydin Raleigh

The school year of 2020 has come with a lot of changes including new faces to Madison High. 

Three new faces to the Madison Bobcadettes are Maddie Walters, Camry Stanford, and cate Bailey.

“My favorite thing about Madison is only having 5 classes instead of eight,” Junior Maddie Walters said. 

Camry Stanford, a sophomore who transferred from sugar talked about her good experiences at Madison high. 

“Good experiences that I’ve had at Madison high have been making new friends and everybody being so welcoming,” Stanford said. 

Lastly, Senior Cate Bailey, who transferred from cascade Washington talked about the difference in Madison high and her last school. 

“My least favorite thing about MHS is there’s a lack of diversity compared to my last school,” Bailey said.

Senior Cate Bailey doing a jump. (Photo by Kailani DeGraw )