I tested positive! MHS student’s journey with Covid 19

Ariana Vega, Reporter

Two days before the first day of school, I realized I couldn’t taste. My ears had been hurting for a couple of days and my legs felt weak. Days went by and eventually, I couldn’t smell. 

My mom made me a doctor’s appointment thinking it was just a cold. The doctor then went on about how it was probably nothing but just to be sure, he sent me to the hospital to get tested. When I got there, I started crying. I was scared and nervous. 

“Its okay sweetie,” the nurse said as she started the procedure

Hours went by and all I could think about was that test. Later that day, my mom got the call. I tested positive for coronavirus. 

The next ten days I spent locked up in my room, having nothing to do. Hours felt like days. I was so ready to go back to my normal life. Although watching YouTube is something I enjoy doing, it eventually got tedious. 

After ten long days, my quarantine is finally over and I can go back to school!