Kindness Among Hard Times

Wesley Jensen, Reporter

During the pandemic it’s easy to look at everything that’s going bad around us. But during hard times is when we should be looking at the good, and even creating good. Two weeks ago my aunt and uncle were moving out and needed to be gone before the end of the month. 

Because of the paranoia around coronavirus, no one had volunteered to help them. So my brother and I volunteered to drive from Rexburg to Orem, Utah to help them move out. 

“It felt good to work and help someone, and for them it reduced thier stress and helped them get it done faster,” David Jensen said.

Photo by Wesley Jensen
Wesley Jensen’s aunt and uncle’s new home.

 They had a time limit and knew they wern’t going to meet it without any help. 

“If it was just us, we probably couldn’t have {met the deadline} because no one else offered to help them,” David said.

Not only was this a service that we did for them, but also a service they did for us. After we finished the move they offered us to live with them to take some load off of my parents with 8 children. 

It’s been really nice to not be at home with all my crazy siblings, and it’s given me more time to relax and not be stressed or overstimulated, and we just bought four 12-packs of soda and put them in the mini fridge in the theatre room with a thousand dollar projector. So that alone should give you an idea of how much better it is here.