Caucasion Invasion


Photo Courtesy of Kenna Woodfield

Rec team wins tough game

Mariah Rigby, Reporter

If you want to see a show, go to the old Jr High every Thursday night. Select Madison High School students gather together for Rexburg rec basketball games. Students formed their own team…their name? Caucasian Invasion. Seniors Travis Barton and Mason Brizee did a rec league in Idaho falls last year with all of their friends and decided they wanted to put a new team together.

When asked who might win the tournament Barten said, “ I don’t know, there are some good teams, but there is always a chance. Last year we only lost one game.”

Although there are six teams who they are competing against, their team works together very well and is coached by Seniors Carter Sharp and Mason Olsen.

“In our rec ball team, we focus on the fundamentals. Emphasis on fun, and emphasis on mental. We have fun but at the same time, it’s all a mental game,” Olsen said.

Their last game was a close call, but they pulled in clutch for the win. It definitely helped to have a healthy mental attitude.

“We focus on positive mindset. Before each game I tell the boys to take a minute to center themselves, to focus on the motions and to relax!” Olsen said. 

There is no way to know how the season will turn out because it’s too early. However, they are confident. 

When asking Senior Mason Brizee about who will win he responded with a simple “We will. There is no doubt in my mind.”