The Madison Invitational Tournament

Kaylie Grover and Shaydin Raleigh

This passed weekend the Madison wrestlers held their annual tournament. They had approximately 570 wrestlers competing. These Wrestlers spend at least 8 hours a day at the tournament. It’s a 2 day event that they have prepared for all year.   

“There are about 19-20 schools attending this tournament. Each team has around 20-30 player each.”  Mr. Ingram Said 

Needless to say the gym was chuck full of wrestlers. To have that many kids in one place you have to have a big enough gym to hold them all. At the Madison Invitational they always run two gyms, one for Varsity and JV.

With that many people the wrestlers and everyone else involved has to work like a well oiled machine. This year Madison had two of their very own wrestlers win their weight class, Senior Jaden Smith and Senior Tyson Clark. 

“I like to be at home because we have a big enough gym so it’s comfortable,” Sophomore Job Diaz said.

They only have one tournament a year at MHS so the wrestlers have to work hard to represent their school. Most other weekends they spend time competing at other schools. 

“I probably practice 2-3 hours a day sometimes more on weekends. To wrestle you have to be really devoted and put the effort into it,” Junior Roy Gunderson said.