Mason Olsen’s Hidden Talent


Photo by Anthony Kelley

Senior Mason Olsen poses in front of the sunset.

Anthony Kelley, Reporter

MHS Senior Mason Olsen has a special talent. He can throw snacks to insane heights and catch them in his mouth on their way back down. He has been working on improving these skills since middle school.

“I guess some people think it’s cool. It’s a fun way to eat food,” Olsen said. 

One of Olsen’s more impressive tricks includes stacking goldfish on his elbow, flicking them off, and catching them all in his mouth. Another of his accomplishments includes bouncing M&M’s off walls and catching them. Olsen says he has quite a few memorable moments.

“At tennis camp, I think it was a fruit snack, I threw it maybe like 45 feet in the air and everybody was watching and there were some really cute girls there and I caught it and I was really happy,” Olsen said.

In the future, Olsen would like to practice more with larger items. In the past, he’s stuck to smaller foods like fruit snacks and candy. He has attempted some fairly large food like french fries and apples. 

“One time I tried to do an apple and I almost broke my teeth,” Olsen said.

Photo by Anthony Kelley
Senior Mason Olsen showcases his talent.