Skyline Beats Madison 21-14 at Madison’s Homecoming Game


Photo by Spencer Belka

Gavin Fuller leading the team to start the game for the Bobcats.

Tyler Carey, Reporter

Photo by Spencer Belka
The offense getting ready for the next play.

The Homecoming football game for Madison High School ended with a score of 21-14 with the Skyline Grizzlies beating the Madison Bobcats. Though the Bobcats played hard, it was not enough to stop the Grizzlies.

The Grizzlies got the ball first and got it to the twenty-four yard line off of the kick. They were then able to convert the first down after the fourth and one. There were many flags on the Grizzlies first and then the Bobcats. This resulted in a first down for the Grizzlies and eventually a touchdown but they missed the extra point attempt which put them ahead 6-0. If that wasn’t enough already, they then attempted and recovered an onside kick. Madison was able to stop the run this time and have their turn with the ball. Now the Bobcats had a turn to show what they can do and came back with a touchdown that was thrown to number seven, Trey Holloway. They missed the extra point attempt as well resulting in a tied game at 6-6 ending the first quarter. 

The second quarter began with the Grizzlies having the ball. There was a false start on Skyline that ended up forcing them to punt to end the drive. The Bobcats got their turn again and threw it to number six this time, Brandan Lewis. This drive would end with Madison getting the touchdown and the two point conversion. This would be the final scoring drive of the half although the Grizzlies nearly got their points. The half ended with a score of 14-6.

The second half began with the Madison Bobcats receiving the ball. During this drive the ball was passed to Brandan Lewis again for a thirty-five yard gain. The Bobcats were not able to score and the ball was turned over on downs. This drive for Skyline ended when the Bobcats stopped the Grizzlies at the one yard line and got the turnover. The Bobcats were forced to punt it away again at the end of this drive. 

This was not the end for the Bobcats though, they were able to recover a fumble at the 15 yard line during the beginning of the fourth quarter. They made their way up the field for a ways before punting it away. Skyline took this opportunity and used it to get another touchdown and they were able to get the two point conversion. This put the score at 14-14. The next drives for the Bobcats were rough having multiple fouls called on them and eventually letting Skyline get yet another touchdown and extra point. The Madison Bobcats got the ball for the last time when Skyline intercepted a pass and then kneeled on the next play to end the game. 

“Well I thought we played hard and I thought we had a chance to win it,” Head coach Michell Buck said. “You can’t get penalties,” Buck said. What would have made the game better? “Get rid of the personal fouls, I think that helped them score two touchdowns,” Buck said.