Seniors take it all


Photo by Kailani DeGraw

Entertainment between downs.

Stockton Christensen and Alanna Morales

Photo by Kailani DeGraw
The man leaders cheering the girls to victory.

Sophomores lose the powder puff game 6-12, leading juniors to victory to play the seniors in the second game. The game began at 6 and went into overtime.

The sophomore did not have many practices or girls so they didn’t think they could in against the juniors. “I think we came into the game a little bit unprepared but overall I think we actually did pretty good for how little practices we did and how few girls we had,” Sophomore Will South said. South is the coach of the sophomore powderpuff team. 

The girls weren’t cooperating well and they were laughing and weren’t taking things serious which made things harder because the girls didn’t know what they were doing. “At first I thought the girls were going to pick up on it more than they did, it was really frustrating to try to teach them how to run a route, how to hold the ball, catch, and throw, they would just laugh a lot and not pay attention but overall I still think it was really really fun, especially the game, the game was the funnest part for sure,” South said.  

The girls being unprepared really showed the night of the game when they lost. “I was pretty upset cuz I think we could’ve got the extra point and I think the reffing was not as good as it could’ve been because we had teachers reffing,” South sad. 

Madison hopes to do better, win, and be more prepared for next years game. We wish the best of luck to next year’s juniors.