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What Really Happens During 4th Hour!

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by: The Bobcat Beat Staff

We challenged our Bobcat Beat staff to complete a story in an hour. A typical article takes 3-5 days to brainstorm, interview, write and edit but today they had one hour. They had to roam the halls of MHS to see what really happens during 4th Hour.

The Life of Being a Teacher Aid at MHS

by: Megan Wood

For many students, being an office aid can be both relaxing, rewarding, and fun. Teachers also appreciate the help a lot when it comes to having students as teacher aids.

“It [being a teacher aid] is super fun and it’s really laid back. Now that I’m a senior, it’s nice to have a chill class and not have to worry about anything,” Senior Lyric Evans said.


Senior Lyric Evans filing papers as a teacher aid for Mr. Stansel. photo by: Megan Wood

With a lot of students and several class hours, many teachers have a lot to do with so little time,

“[Mr.] Lauritsen has a lot on his plate, so I thought I could help him with the day to day things. Cause I know he’s overwhelmed with multiple classes so I thought I could make his life easier,” Senior Josh Stewart said.

Being a teacher aid is rewarding for both the students and the teacher,

“I feel like you make an impact on both the teacher and also the students at the high school,” Stuart said.


Senior Josh Stewart helping as a teacher aid for Mr. Lauritsen. photo by: Megan Wood

For students who want to become a teacher aid, it’s really simple.

“First, you have to make sure you can fit it into your schedule. And then you go talk to the teacher and ask if you can be their teacher aid for that certain hour. Then they give you a note with their signature on it and then you can take it to the counseling office,” Evans said.

Photography in Fourth

by: Anna Shirley

Photography has many different classes, such as: Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photo 3. Many students at MHS find themselves intrigued with photography and take one or multiple courses based around picture taking. Fourth hour is when Photo 2 and 3 get together with their teacher and work on assignments.


A board displayed in room South 203 showing work students have turned in. photo by: Anna Shirley

“I have photography, and we have weekly critiques with different assignments, so we’ll take our photos sometime during the week and then use fourth hour as a studio and work on and edit our stuff,” Junior Rebecca Adamson said.

Juniors and Seniors may work on different things but they take the same hour to work on their projects.


McKenzie Remington reviewing her previous work in her photography class. photo by: Anna Shirley

“I’m in photography and i’m working on my senior show right now. Last tri of your senior year of photography, you do your senior show, you pick a topic and take pictures of it. So i’m working on that right now,” Senior Sommer Waldron said.


Sommer Waldron working on her Senior Show projects. photo by: Anna Shirley

Students at MHS love the Senior research paper

by: Bryson Berrett

Every student at MHS that wants to graduate needs to complete a senior research paper. Some students love it, others hate it, but most enjoy the freedom of choosing their own topic.

“You know it’s like project citizen, I kinda like both, maybe they give a bit of leeway, but they kinda give you a general idea of what you can do,” Senior Caleb Schatt said when he was asked if he liked the amount of freedom that he had concerning his research paper.

There are four 12th grade english teachers at MHS and they all require a senior research paper.


Students working furiously on their research papers. photo by: Bryson Berrett

“It’s a little different cause we talk about it like a research paper, but it’s actually more like an argumentative paper. Cause you have to argue a point, and then the research comes in backing up your point you’re not just like studying something. So but yeah I guess it teaches us how to write,” Senior Marshall Briggs said.

A lot MHS students appreciate the senior research paper, but not all for the same reason.


MHS Senior Craig Abel contemplates his senior research paper. photo by: Bryson Berrett

“I’m doing mine on civilian casualties in war, and if they are collateral damage or not, like if that’s ok or not…. Cause english, the main point in all your high school career you’re working up and learning how to write papers, it’s a big part of english so this is kinda like the culmination because it’s a big paper, so yeah it’s not bad.” Briggs said.

Shakespearean Fighting!

by Jacob Cannon

Madison Presents hosted a festival by the Education Arm, a group from Utah that takes Shakespearian theater to schools around the country and demonstrates Shakespearian characteristics to the school’s students.

The festival showed stage combat to students interested in learning about it.

“We’ll be practice fighting with our hands and learning how to fight without hurting people for real,” Junior Noah Kugath said.

“My views on this are incredibly well met, because this is just a great opportunity for somebody like me who’s been acting for years. This is just a great opportunity to learn some new things and learn a little bit about Shakespearean fighting techniques,” Junior Taylor Halkar said.


photo by: Jacob Cannon

Another sectional event during the festival involved demonstrating how to improvise acting on the spot.

“It’s a bunch of games where you learn to create scenes off the top of your head, and creating characters off the top of your head,” Devery North, a host member taking part in the Education Arm, said.

Due to financial errors, MHS has not been able to host the festival as much as they wished. However, students and teachers have expressed their opinions on the event. Mr. Hibbard, the school’s drama teacher, expressed his own feelings on the event.  

“I’ve been wanting to do it for 20 years, but drama budgets are pretty tight, and so this is happening through Madison Presents,” Mr. Hibbard said.


photo by: Jacob Cannon

“This is an incredible opportunity for all of us who are interested in Shakespeare, and it’s also just really cool to have professionals here, because they are just incredible and they are here  to teach, so it just makes a great opportunity for those of us who are interested in something like this to have,” Halkar said.

Poster Projects

Mr. Wakefield assigns his students to make posters to reference during reading their class book.

by: Keegan Andrus

Students in Mr. Wakefield’s class look up information and pictures to create poster projects in the tech lab.These projects are on the book The Old Man and the Sea and are being done so information can be referenced.

“We are doing a project on a book. We have to find different information and pictures about certain things about our book, the whole class is doing it on the same book but different topics,” Sophomore Sage Sorensen said.


Sage Sorenson working on her poster. photo by: Keegan Andrus

Not only do the students have to study in the lab but they have to create a poster.

“We are making a poster so when we are reading the book we can look at the poster for reference,” Sophomore Merah Slagle said.


Working hard on there book project. photo by: Keegan Andrus

What’s going on in 4th Hour?

by: Fabian Komberg

MHS students have to take required classes like Science, English, History and Health in order to graduate. By studying and doing classwork some MHS students are finishing the school year by taking required classes.

“I am in my 4th hour Biology class and my teacher is Mrs. Decker and in my class we are taking notes to study for a test,” Sophomore Ozzy Niederer said.

In some classes the students have to study and learn for many tests, but sometimes they are just learning important skills.
“English, we are dialoguing sentences I guess. It’s kinda boring but I guess you can call it exciting if you want to,” Sophomore Jordan Porter said.

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