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All It Takes Is A Simple Hello

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By Sommer Waldron

A week full of Hello’s, Hi’s, Hey’s and random acts of kindness is what Start with Hello week is all about. It’s a time when MHS students step out of their comfort zone to welcome other students in.

Senior Kimball Allowitz said, “Start with hello week is an anti-bully system which helps people to get out of there comfort zone and helps other people, those who feel left to help them realize that there are people who care about them and there are people to recognize their talents as a person because all people have talents and skills that we can use to benefit each other and use in our own lives sometimes it’s harder to recognize that we are people”.

Together students come side by side, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. They realize the importance of being friendly. With a simple hello you can change someone’s perspective on life. Allowitz said, “I have a desire to do things for other people,

I see people going out of their way to help others, they see positive outcomes in themselves and in others, it changes the way we think about helping others”.

As students say hello to others they can’t help but be nice back. It all starts with a hello. 

 “Every friendship starts with hello,” Senior Cole Hymas said.

 I’ve seen students step out of there comfort zone and making new friends and not because they have to but because they want to.

“Hello week in a sense is a reminder to say hello to people so I say hello to more people,” senior Sierra Orr said.

Students take the challenge personally and make a difference in someone else’s life. These students challenge the challenge. They personally try to make a difference in someone’s life and it’s not just for Hello week. Yes it starts with Hello week but it continues for the rest of the school year.

“I see a huge impact that it has to change someone’s life…I really respect who started this because of the Sandy Hook shooting the parents who started this campaign, It really can change a person’s life and it really does change a person’s life, just to say hello. I think that hello week started off as an idea to get people to make others feel included,” Allowitz said.

Who knew that a simple hello could change someone’s mind on the way they see the world. With a simple hello each student here at MHS can make a difference and just by saying hello you will make a difference.

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All It Takes Is A Simple Hello