What makes a Bobcat?

The students at MHS show surrounding communities what it takes to be a Madison Bobcat through their actions.

by Nohea Jensen and Ethan Fisher

There are many characteristics of being a Bobcat. There are many different traits of Bobcats that walk through the halls every day but there are traits that stick out a lot more than others. 

“I think the number one trait would be true, meaning you’re true to your friends, true to your family, true to the values and beliefs to this school and to the community,” Vice Principal Mr. Busby said.

MHS students travel to the Idaho Center in Boise, Idaho to support Varsity basketball at state.

The students also show their bobcat pride by attending and supporting various sporting and club events.

“The school spirit that we have here to make us bobcats, we get the sportsmanship award quite often for basketball and all that, and just keeping that together as a school creates us as our own little division as bobcats,” Junior Jason Wade said.

Even in the classroom Madison Bobcats are showing what they are made of.

MHS student section supporting the football team at the school’s field

“I think their dedicated, we have way less problems than other high schools in the surrounding areas,” Mr. Busby said.


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