A Compliment a Day Keeps the Sadness Away

By: Natalie Fullmer, Allison Lundin, Kim Stager

Today is the day to make a difference. You can turn someone’s whole outlook on their day around from a low negative to a high positive. You can boost someone’s confidence by just complimenting the way someone smiles, the way they are dressed, or the way they handle a certain situation. Compliments come in many different forms, but sincere compliments can go a long way to shine a light on the darkest days.


Lesa Jackson Courtesy Photo from Allison Lundin

Lesa Jackson
Courtesy Photo from Allison Lundin


“Compliments make you have a better day for sure. Compliments that are genuine and sincere and more personal mean the most, like if you’ve gone out of your way to to do something for someone or you’ve done a good job on something and you work really hard it’s nice that they notice and acknowledge it,” Secretary Lesa Jackson said..


Some advantages to giving compliments according to lifehack.org: http://www.lifehack.org/342556/the-15-best-compliments-you-could-ever-givereceive


  1. Compliments are FREE!- they are the best way to make someone’s day without spending a single penny
  2. What goes around comes around- being happier after receiving the compliment affects others around you
  3. Sincere compliments build trust- complimenting people shows that you notice and acknowledge them and can lead to stronger relationships
  4. Kindness doesn’t actually kill- it can help kill bad moods or a bad memory, but not the person receiving the compliment
  5. Compliments spark creativity- they help remove mental blocks from things they are struggling with like big projects
  6. Smiling burns calories- since it could potentially lead to laughing, which burns even more
  7. It takes the focus off of you- taking your eyes off of the negativity in your life and making others lives around you better

“Giving compliments is something that if you’re doing it sincerely, it really means a lot. To that person and making that person happy and also brings out the happiness in me. It definitely makes my day way better if I’m thinking of others and complementing.” Junior Sarah Crawford said.

Sarah Crawford Courtesy Photo by Allison Lundin

Sarah Crawford
Courtesy Photo by Allison Lundin

“Giving compliments or getting compliments makes a day less focused on you, the selfish reasons. Compliments really can make someone’s day better, whether you’re giving it or receiving it. It can make a day go from a really bad day to an amazing day where you feel like you’re walking on air.” Crawford said.


“I feel really good when I give a compliment, like all warm and fuzzy. And it’s nice to make someone else’s day.”  Junior Savannah Lucero said.


National Compliments Day is on January 24th, but you can always give someone a compliment. Compliments are an easy way to spread friendships and make someone’s day better. Spread more kindness and joy this 2017.  


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