First, Worst, or Best Kisses

Hallie on the mountain in Guatemala

Hallie on the mountain in Guatemala

Grace Rassmussen, Reporter

When you think of kissing someone for the first time , usually you want it to be with someone who you really like, in the perfect setting, and at the perfect time. You just want everything to be perfect, which usually doesn’t happen for most of the students at Madison High school. But, for one student, it was just that, the perfect fairytale first kiss. 

“The whole week we had been hanging out and the last thing we did on that trip was hike this volcano and we hiked all day and then camped the night at base camp. The next morning we woke up at 4 to hike all the way to the summit, where he took me aside and we hiked a little more talking about the trip, and how fun it was, then he turned my face and kissed me, while the volcano was erupting in front of us, with the sunrise behind that,” Junior Hallie Evarts said. 

That’s a pretty cool story for your first kiss! Some other students weren’t as smooth. Junior Taylor Brown was with a group of friends when they all decided that they would get their first kisses that night. 

“We decided that we would all go on walks as couples, I ended up not kissing her but when we got back and I told them I didn’t do it they made me go on another walk. So we were walking over by the Jr High and there is this spot in between the school and the seminary building with trees and this little area where you can sit. As we were walking in I noticed there was a quote in cement on the ground so I took out my flashlight on my phone and read the quote out loud. It said something about being a person in this world. I thought I was being smooth, but I looked up to her and said ‘well you are my world.’  Then I really just went in for the kiss but totally missed and only kissed a part of her lip and her hair was also in the way,”Brown said.

As you can see first kisses can either be fairytale-like or messy and awkward. I think Brown said it best when he said “Kissing is just weird.”