Say Hello to 2022

Stutzs state championships medal.

Courtesy Photo

Stutz’s state championships medal.

Bethany Hunt, Bobcat Beat Staff

Marcum posing on the MHS stairs. (Bethany Hunt)

Seniors from MHS look forward to big plans as they head into 2022. Senior Ryan Stutz is looking forward to a great track season at CSI after high school is over. 

“I wanna set a couple school records, do well at state, and go down there and be a top athlete,” Stutz said.

Stutz signed with CSI on December 23 of 2021.

“It wasn’t necessarily my first choice because I really did want to go to Utah State, but that’s really hard especially since I haven’t really had a track season since my freshman year from covid. Then I had a strained membrane in my foot so I was in a boot for about a month and with that, I wasn’t really able to get any scholarships from D1,” Stutz said.

Senior Anna Marcum looks forward to moving out of state and starting college in the fall.

“After high school, I’m moving to Logan and I’m going to get a job there. I’m going to start college at Utah State in the fall of this year,” Marcum said

Graduation is one of the best memories from high school and is also the day you can decide what you are going to do with your life.

“I’m excited for graduation, but also not. I’m excited to graduate, but I know that day will be sad. I’m also really excited to move to Utah and meet new people,” Marcum said.