Senior Pictures for MHS


Courtesy Photo

One of McNair’s senior pictures.

Tyson Smith, Bobcat Beat Staff

This year the seniors get to have senior pictures, these seniors pictures are due very soon.

“Senior pictures are due October 31st. They need to be turned in by October 31st or they will not be put in the book,” Senior Marley McNair said.

But where can you turn in your yearbook photos? There’s a website for it.

“Senior photos can be turned in on You click snap to upload, and the password will be 2022. Make sure to put your first and last name and an email address so we can contact you,” McNair said.

Turning in your pictures is just part of the process, make sure you have the right picture and it can be cropped if needed. (Tyson Smith)

“Make sure you can tell it’s you, and make sure it’s the shot you want. These photos will be cropped from the waist up,” McNair said.