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Juniors help JV Basketball team to a winning season

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A review of the MHS JV boys basketball team

Story by: Regge Dayton and Bryson Siddoway

The Madison JV basketball team has done very well this season. With the help of a few varsity players being dropped down, they have gone 14-2. The key players for the Bobcats have been Con Ball, Cameron Webster and Brigham Williams. They are the starters in the front court and they have done a very good job.

Con Ball is the back up for varsity point guard Josh Crane. Coach Bill Hawkins said, “The reason I’m letting Con get so much play time down on varsity is so he gets play time and doesn’t lose his game, and so he can grow some chemistry with those younger guys who will be on the team next year. He has done very well and I’m proud of the way he has been playing.”

The same goes with small forward Justin Weiszhaar and center David Rowe. They have both put in a lot of good minutes for the junior varsity team. You can already see their growth.

The younger leaders, Cameron Webster and Brigham Williams, have led this team up until now. “They are awesome. They understand each of their teammates to help them succeed and not only that they are both incredible playmakers. They also accepted us juniors on the team in a great way, we were instantly brothers. Most people would be upset about less playtime but they let us in and now we thrive together,” said Junior Con Ball.

They can even go deep into their bench with back-ups like Reggie South, and twins Austin and Mason King.

Madison High basketball players start learning the program at a very early point in their career.

From 8th grade on, they start with Coach Hawkins offense and every year with Coach Fullmer and then Matthews they learn more and more so when they get to varsity they have in nearly perfected.

Coach Matthews does such a wonderful job turning them into varsity player with the help of his assistants Isaiah Hawkins, Kyle Blanchard, and Scott White. They are an amazing combination because they are all from different generations of madison basketball and they can all put in different views and moves from back in the day sky-hook to the present game deep 3-pointer or dunk it type of game.

That’s why this Madison junior varsity team always has a winning season and is very equipt with the skill to become not only varsity players but always one of the top teams.

They proved that they are one of the top teams yet again this season after coming out on top against the Highland Rams 62-61 from a last second shot made by point guard Cameron Webster.

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Juniors help JV Basketball team to a winning season